The Shoe

I would like you my daughter Dr. Danelle "Shoemaker" Perry and Son-in-law Dr. Daniel Perry and my                                     Grandson.Noah,  The greatest Joys of my Life.!

2011 Inducted into the Nebraska Country Music Association Hall of Fame
receiving a special plaque and certificate or recognition for his outstanding and well known Steel Guitar music.

Curt Shoemaker
Invited to Visit
Kansas Governor Sebelius

March 20, 2008

Lunacy artist Curt Shoemaker has been recording tracks for his follow-up to last year’s “The Shoe”. Enlisting the same crew of Dennis Borycki, Terry Scarberry, Steve Short, Les Gilliam and David Short, Curt is sure to continue making waves in the steel guitar world. Release date in 2007.

Curt is currently touring in support of the “The Shoe” and can be seen at most steel guitar shows throughout the U.S.


Steeluitarist, Curt Shoemaker tracked his Lunacy Records debut at Studio Seven in January. With the help of Terry Scarberry, guitar, Steve Short, drums, and Dennis Borycki, keyboards, Curt has fashioned a well rounded release. The CD also features Nelson Bundrick on bagpipes on one cut. Bagpipes and steel – you don’t hear that one too often!!!

            2008 New Release by Curt Shoemaker
    guest vocals Les Gilliam and "Big Al" Weekley

Visit My Music Page and Order Your Copy!

The newest addition to the group, Curt Shoemaker, of Ionia, Kansas is clearly
one of the greatest steel guitar players in the entire Midwest.
  During several years
of living in Nashville, TN and Branson, MO he worked with such artists as Dottie West,
Box Car Willie, Buck Trent, Albert E. Brumley & many, many others.   His love of
Traditional Country Music makes him an icon to today�s top pedal steel players. 
He is a featured entertainer at many Steel Guitar Conventions across the United States
and works many other festivals when his busy schedule allows.


Steel Guitar
Photo #22, Curt Shoemaker Carter Steel Guitars Presents
                                  Photo Highlights of the
                                    2001 I.S.G.C.
                                   (Scotty's Convention

The weekend after the National Traditional Country Music Festival I
travelled to Hastings, Nebraska, for the first edition of the new
Miles of Memories
Festival produced by my friends Tex and Mary Schutz. I had my own shows
on the program, in which I worked with Fiddle George Kralik, Rick Anderson
on guitar, and Harriette Anderson on bass fiddle. I also had the pleasure to work
again with Terry Smith in all of his shows. I always enjoy working with Terry.
If you haven't caught his show, try to do it. He is a world-class entertainer.
The Miles of Memories Festival was unusual in that it was held inside, in a large
auditorium. The entire festival area was enclosed and air-conditioned.
The event was kind of a cross between a festival and a series of concerts,
in that it did not have the multiple stages usually found at festivals, but did have
workshops. Production was excellent throughout. Miles of Memories was
a huge success !

After Miles of Memories, it was onward to famed steel guitar player Curt Shoemaker's
festival in Nebraska. Curt is of course a stellar musician. We love to do shows
together, especially when I can find a good piano to play. Then we do a lot of that
old "swang"! I enjoyed doing some shows with him, with some of the Kenaston family
of fine musicians, with 8-string Dobro and sax man Charlie Reece, and others. Good fun.
Many of the performers on this festival were good friends of mine, so we had plenty
to talk about and a lot of music to play!
Steel Guitar Store Picture 1

Thanks for all who came out to the "Rocky Mountain Steel Guitar Show"
#10 at the
Grizzly Rose, 5450 N. Valley Hwy, Denver, CO, 80216,
on Sunday, May 21. We thank the many musicians and sidemen
(supporting players),as well as vocalists, who came out to play.
The main players at Jam #10 included: George Sypert, Leroy Riggs, Jerry Maranville
and the CT Band, Daniel Jones, Jim Rogers
(vocalist), Bob Case, Chuck Lettes,
Scotty (DeWitt Scott), Curt Shoemaker, Snaz Wall, Del Mullen,
and Kent Davis.
We were proud toshowcase such a great selection of (mostly local) talent.Let's not forget
Lois Lane, who sang several songs throughout. Drummer Denny Maw and bassist
Gary Meis turned in great efforts as well. Thanks also to the many other sidemen, vocalists,
and supporting talent that we may not have mentioned here. Our turnout keepsgetting
bigger year after year and we thank you for coming out to support the music of steel guitar!
Don't forget,this annual showis sponsored by the "Rocky Mountain Steel Guitar Club"
 and "Dick Meis School of Steel Guitar".



 Lorraine Worth  From Springview, Ne

Thank you Curt for the post! Wow! What a great project this was for me -

and thank you Curt the most amazing steel guitar work you did for me on

 this recording! We are very proud of COUNTRY WORTHWHILE and
we also included our friends Roger and Sharon Kenaston
on the CD. Roger played dobro and Sharon sang harmony.

We recorded at Studio Seven in
Oklahoma City and I look forward to sharing my music with all of you!

Thanks so much!
Lorraine Worth


 Great weather greets Fall Fest

Kansas weather did a turnabout
from clouds, drizzle and wind Saturday and presented
a fairly calm, sunshineyday for the Fifth Annual Mankato
Fall Festival and the 31st Annual Farmers Market
Temperatures reached the low 80s, which probably helped boost
attendance at both events, which were termed successes by planners
A full day of activities for all ages was available, lasting well into the night.
Farmers Market, sponsored by Jewell County Historical Society,
 reported having an attendanceof 400, which topped the last two years.
A total of 33 vendors reserved 47 booth spaces and displayed items
including jewelry, baked goods, jellies, caramel corn, beauty products,
hand towels, embroidery work, wood art, pencil drawings, gift items,
quilts, baby bibs,wooden walking canes, dolls and doll clothes
and birdhouses. Local musician Curt Shoemaker, Ionia, recently named
to the Kansas Country Music Hall of Fame,
was on hand providing music on his steel guitar.
He had a booth offering his CDs.
Washington Trust Bank and Paine
Hamblen Coffin Brooke & Miller LLP
Host Eddie McWilliams Memorial Golf Tournament

Washington Trust Bank and Pain Hamblen Coffin
Brooke & MillerLLP invites the public to participate in their Memorial
Golf Tournament in honor of Eddie McWilliams on Monday,
June 28, 1999at Indian Canyon Golf Course to benefit the
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Volunteers Pat Lacey,
Mark Patrick, Tom Quigley, Lisa Quigley, Mark Roff, Dale Sebo,
Curt Shoemaker, Nancy Wright, The McWilliams family and
Rennie Simpson are workinghard to reach this year�s
fundraising goal of $48,000. Corporate and individual contributors will sponsor
the tournament.  Full fields of 28 independent golfers are needed to compete in
this year�s game to reach the goal.  Independent players are asked to
contribute $100 each. ther ways to participate include donating an item for
a door prize or becoming a corporate event sponsor. The JDF office
should be contacted in either case and
will gladly arrange pick up of items.

Money raised from the tournament will be donated directly to
diabetes research.  JDF provides more money for diabetes research than
any other non-governmentalhealth agency in the world.  Each day medical
progress is made to make the lives of diabetes patients healthier and is
getting closer to finding a cure. JDF is renowned for its focus on research
and fundraising.  This year JDF will

award more than $50 million to diabetes research. 
JDF was founded in 1970 by the parents of children with diabetes who were
convinced that a cure for diabetes could be found through research. 
They were, and still are, determined to make that cure happen
in their children

Midwest Country Music Show

November 8, 2006, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

 Direct from Nashville - Terry Smith. Terry Smith wrote
 "The Far Side Banks of Jordan" which is featured twice
in Robert Duvall's movie, "The Apostle". He has written
songs recorded by the Oak Ridge Boys,
Kathy Wells, Roy Acuff,
Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Alison Krause,
Cox Family, the Statler Brothers and Chris LeDeaux.
Local performers appearing will be Elton Flodman, Pat Boilesen,
Paul Seibert and Tom Schroeder all of Nebraska, along with
Curt Shoemaker of Kansas.

Professional sound by Jay Ferris.

Concert hosted by Country Music Fest, Inc.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Wahoo Country Music Festival, Nebraska Last weekend
I played the Wahoo Country Music Show, a GREAT festival
in south-central Nebraska, USA. I was able to bring together
a hot group of musicians to play my shows with me
guitarand fiddle whiz Jay Kelly, bass fiddle master Jim Malone,
and, at various times, Charlie Reece on Dobro,
and the famed steel guitarist Curt Shoemaker. On one show
Kyle O'Brien, 16, of the O'Brien Family Band
(, guested with
me for a hot version of "Sweet Georgia Brown".
On another show Oklahoma fiddle prodigy Jake Simpson,
15, guested. Don't remember what all I played with Jake.
He can be found on the web at